EMP Bags - Faraday Cage ESD Bags
EMP Bags - Faraday Cage ESD Bags

About Us

We offer premium re-sealable (zip top) ESD Faraday Cage bags in a variety of sizes for EMP protection for your electronic equipment. We offer pre-selected packages of different sizes bags optimized to maximize shipping value and in useful assortments most commonly ordered. We also allow you to customize your cart by ordering in any combination or quantity desired - with no minimum order. All products and packages ship free the next business day.

Product Description

These premium Faraday Cage metalized bags are Ziplock re-sealable and feature a 3 mil transparent metallic film and 4 layer protection consisting of an aluminum shield layer,  static dissipative polyethylene, polyester, and a static dissipative coating for ultimate protection of electronic devices. These bags are manufactured to meet or exceed requirements for Military Standards 3010 and 4046 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 for electrostatic shielding of electronic devices.

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