EMP Bags - Faraday Cage ESD Bags
EMP Bags - Faraday Cage ESD Bags

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Premium Faraday Cage Metalized Zip-top resealable ESD Bags - EMP Protection

These premium Faraday Cage metalized bags are Ziplock re-sealable and feature a 3 mil transparent metallic film and 4 layer protection consisting of an aluminum shield layer,  static dissipative polyethylene, polyester, and a static dissipative coating for ultimate protection of electronic devices. These bags are manufactured to meet or exceed requirements for Military Standards 3010 and 4046 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 for electrostatic shielding of electronic devices.


Also included are a package of silica gel packets for absorbing moisture – you will recieve one silica gel packet for each metalized bag you order.


These ESD Faraday Cage Bags are available in the following sizes:


  • 2”X3”  – Ideal for flash drives, memory cards, very small devices
  • 2”X6” – Ideal for small tactical flashlights, laser sights, halographic sights
  • 3”X5” – Ideal for cell phones, iPod, Walkie-talkies
  • 4”X6” – Ideal for portable hard drive, GPS unit, stun guns, cameras, smart phones
  • 6”X8”  – Ideal for iPad, DVD, radio, rangefinder, camcorder, night vision scope, tablets
  • 7”X15” – Ideal for large flashlights (mag light), illuminated and night vision rifle scopes
  • 8”X10” – Ideal for portable DVD player, emergency radio, tablets
  • 12”X16” – Ideal for laptop. Portable DVD drive, larger radios
  • 18”X18” – Ideal for large devices, large laptops, nesting items
  • 24"X24" - Extra large, Radio Equipment, nesting items

The above video shows a cell phone taking several 2 million volt discharges from a stun gun. The demonstration ESD bag is the 3"X5" size bag.


Even if you have built homemade EMP Faraday cages from metal containers, you should consider using these faraday cage bags for "nesting" faraday cage within faraday cage, as this is known to greatly increase faraday protection. These faraday cage bags also weight only ounces and are ideal for your BOB (bug out bag) and get home kits.

These faraday cage bags are not guarenteed to block cell phone signal completely. Customer reports vary. You can block cell phone signal reliably and completely with this product by nesting with aluminum foil.

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